“I Don’t Have Ebola”…Says Catholic Hospital Medical Consultant

A medical consultant from Egypt working at the Catholic Hospital in Sinkor, Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud says that he is not infested with the Ebola virus.

According to Dr. Mahmoud since the death of the Catholic Hospital’s Chief Administrator, Patrick Nshamdze (Bro. Patrick) of the deadly virus many of his family and friends in and out of the country have been calling him endlessly to inquire whether or not he has Ebola or if he has died due to the virus.

The Egyptian doctor earlier this week was called on a local radio station to clarify whether he was affected by the Ebola virus that has claimed over one hundred lives throughout the country.

Dr. Mahmoud is currently on leave from his work as a consultant for internal medicine and cardiology at the Catholic Hospital for over a week and now wants to assure all those that are concerned about him that he is physically fit and currently at a friend’s abode in Monrovia.