Colossal Failure Of Leadership Led To Ebola Epidemic Here…Says Chris Neyor

The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Morweh Energy Group in Liberia, Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor says the spread of the deadly Ebola virus across the country is due to the colossal failure of the Unity Party (UP) led leadership.

He noted that the “national calamity” of the Ebola epidemic that currently exists in the country is “tantamount to a colossal failure of our leadership.”

He stated that had the President and the Government given the virus the attention it needed through some of these measures being currently put in place, the Ebola menace could not have reached the current crisis proportion claiming the lives of both health workers and citizens.

Mr. Neyor, however, added that Liberians are currently in a huge boat with a big hole that threatens their survivability.

He stated further that there is no plan to pass blame as to who caused the hole in the boat but all must work together until we are all safely at the port.

Mr. Neyor stated that Liberians must now join hands with the Task Force to combat against the Ebola virus and take “all necessary precautionary measures so as to avoid the continuous spread of the epidemic.”

“We will all work with the government to contain the epidemic but we know that what brought us to this national calamity is tantamount to a colossal failure of leadership in our country. Despite this knowledge, we are in a sinking boat with a huge hole in it threatening our survival. Let us not concentrate now on who caused the hole in the boat but first on bringing the boat safely to the port,” the ex-NOCAL boss stated.

He was speaking on Friday, August 1, 2014 to reporters in Monrovia shortly after his company; Morweh Energy Group Incorporated donated a consignment of sanitary materials to several mosques, churches, and public places, amongst others.

The items donated include buckets with faucets, chloride and tide soaps.

Some of the beneficiaries were the Newport Street Mosque, Jubilee International Ministries, Old Road Wesleyan Church, and Concerned Intellectual Association (CIA).

This is not the first time the Morweh Energy boss has identified with the fight against the Ebola virus in Liberia. It can be recalled that recently, Mr. Neyor presented the amount of LD$250,000 to the Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) in collaboration with the Liberia Medical Students Association (LMSA) to purchase protective gears for health workers in the country.

Mr. Neyor noted that each death caused as a result of the Ebola virus is like a “toll of the bell” for each of us.

“We cannot ask for whom the bell tolls, because for each of the pain of infection or death on any of our fellow citizen is like a pain on each of us. And until we can bring this monster under control the bell of each death toll for us. We salute those at the forefront of confronting this deadly disease, the healthcare workers, many of whom have died and others infected. These healthcare professionals who risk their own wellbeing are the true heroes and heroines of the battle against Ebola. Let us pray for healing and restoration in our country,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Montserrado County senatorial aspirant has called on the National Task Force established to combat against the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia “to assess the possibility of recommending” the postponement of the ensuing Special Senatorial Election.

It can be recalled that recently President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf constituted a National Task Force to help fight the virus.

The Special Senatorial Election in Liberia is expected to take place on October 14, 2014 according to the National Elections Commission (NEC) and campaign activities will officially kick off on August 12, 2014.

According to Mr. Neyor, the Task Force should recommend to the Liberian Chief Executive an “appropriate State of Emergency” that will give the NEC a legal basis for the possible suspension of the Special Senatorial Election.

He said political campaign involves large gathering and close interaction among people, noting that, “the lives of our people are valuable and irreplaceable and cannot be downplayed for anything.”

He stated that activities that are counter to preventive measures should be put in place to contain the Ebola virus.

“We are calling on the National Task Force established on Ebola to assess the possibility of recommending to the President an appropriate State of Emergency that would provide the NEC a legal basis for possible suspension of the October Special Senatorial Election. The lives of our people are valuable and cannot be downplayed for anything. As for elections, we will always have them when the time is right and situations are stable. It is our hope that the decisions of the Task Force are based on sound medical and public health practices and not the usual way this government has based its decisions,” Mr. Neyor mentioned.