Keep Up The Compliance

FOLLOWING AN INVESTIGATION on the streets of Monrovia, The INQUIRER has observed that several businesses and most of the citizens are following the preventive measures announced by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOH&SW).

SEVERAL BUSINESS PLACES visited by The INQUIRER’s team of reporters are in serious compliance with the various measures announced by the Ministry of health to contain the Ebola virus. The citizens themselves are preventing themselves against the virus as they carry sanitizers and other preventive materials in their bags or pockets.

THESE MEASURES ACCORDING to Miatta Doe-Kamara, a businesswoman are intended to ensure that the deadly Ebola virus be wiped out of the country. Business institutions that are vigorously following the MOH’s preventive measures include, The Inquirer Newspaper, Itter Pharmacy, Sale Saloon-Hair Dresser, SK Meat Shop, Lion Stationery, and Golden Jewelry. Others are Anatah Pharmacy, A-One Stationery, Blue Pharmacy, and Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transport, Bah Meat Shop, among others.

IN AN INTERVIEW with Harris Sumo, he stated that the country has reached a stage where one has to be careful how they interact with others because he or she can not tell who has the deadly Ebola virus till they are very ill.

MR. SUMO POINTED out that Government of Liberia (GOL), and international partners will do their best but that the citizens have to put themselves in the position of saving their own lives by taking the preventive measures that were announced by MOH&SW.

HE SAID, “LIBERIANS must stop doubting and find means to save their own lives because the deadly Ebola virus is real; it has killed many Liberians and foreigners, and it is still killing, and the deadly Ebola virus is still in the country.

WE ARE ENCOURAGED by the way Liberians are now seriously taking the Ebola virus situation in the country especially in Monrovia. What we have observed lately is that everyone is getting involved in the fight against the virus; people are now purchasing preventive materials for their homes, business places and offices. This is a good sign, something we all must continue to enable us kick out the deadly Ebola virus which is claiming the lives of our citizens.

DURING OUR VISIT at various business houses and offices in the city, it was very encouraging to see everyone taking the preventive measures to the letter. Let us keep up the fight bearing in mind that this situation is no longer government alone issue but all Liberians as well as those residing in the territorial borders of Liberia.

WHILE THE PREVENTIVE measures are being taken, we also call on those in charge of funds or materials to fight the Ebola virus to ensure that those materials or money allotted are used for the intended purpose. We demand transparency and accountability in the process as we all strive to ensure that Ebola is eradicated from our country. It is no doubt that we trust those heading the campaign but we are sending this caveat to avoid any temptation because the Ebola issue is very serious and must not be compromised for personal aggrandizement.

AGAIN, WE ARE pleased with the level of compliance on the part of the citizens in preventing themselves against the deadly Ebola virus. We are again pleading with all Liberians as well as foreign nationals in the country to keep up the compliance. Remember That Prevention Is Better Than Cure.