Transforming Our Attitude And Behaviour

AS LIBERIANS CELEBRATE their country’s 167th Independence Anniversary, a Liberian Educator and President of the Tubman University in Maryland County has called on Liberians to transform their minds, perception and behaviour.

SERVING AS NATIONAL ORATOR of Liberia’s 167th Independence Orator, Dr. Elizabeth Davis Russell, called on Liberians to transform their minds, cognitions, perceptions and behaviours, if Liberia is to move forward in unity.

DR. RUSSELL SAID this can be done when the minds of Liberians especially the young people are molded through education. The National orator added that education is the bedrock of any nation and effective tools for national transformation.

DR. RUSSELL OBSERVED that Liberians will approach infrastructural developments such as roads, electricity and structures with the same disregard they did in the past if their attitudes and behaviours remain unchanged, adding, “These infrastructures will soon appear as those of the old.”

THE TUBMAN UNIVERSITY President admonished Liberians to utilize the freedom of expression and other freedoms they currently enjoy with a sense of responsibility, and warned against using this privilege to engage in spreading malicious rumors that have the propensity to cause discord or bring injury to individuals, families and institutions.

WE CONCUR WITH the National Orator that Liberians must transform their minds, cognitions, perceptions and behaviours, if the country is to move forward in unity. In the absence of changing minds and attitude and our behaviour national development will remain elusive and our country will continue to remain underdeveloped.

AS DR. RUSSELL rightly said the promulgation of half-truths, misinformation and disinformation that cast aspersion on people and divide communities is not a demonstration of social responsibility. Let us develop a sense of identity as well as moral, ethical, civic virtues, integrity, civility and trustworthiness among others, as these are the bedrocks of any society.

LIBERIANS MUST THINK themselves as citizens and view themselves as a single people with patriotic sentiments and duties toward their country and avoid those vices that have the propensity to lead our common patrimony into situations that will undermine national development and the improvement of the well-being of the citizens.

ONE OF THE attitudes Liberians need to change is the issue of violence which is being perpetrated mostly by our young people nowadays to address their grievances. Let us shift from the warring mentality to one of peace and where their behaviours will be consistent with harmony, fraternal love, tolerance and understanding.

WE RECALLD THE recent riot in Nimba County in which millions of dollars’ worth of properties belonging to Arcerlor Mittal were destroyed as a result of violence. We also recalled the setting ablaze of the Ministry of Health conference room just last week by a young man who was protesting his brother’s death and again the Thursday’s violent situation at the Redemption Hospital; we need to change our minds, attitude and behaviour towards our country and do away with the acts of violence in the name of resolving our differences.

ANOTHER ATTITUDE AND behaviour we need to change is the issue of doubting issues. Some Liberians still doubt the existence of the deadly Ebola virus that is claiming the lives of hundreds of our citizens including medical doctors and health workers.

LET US CHANGE our behaviour to transform our minds, cognitions, perceptions and behaviours, if Liberia is to move forward in unity because this is seriously affecting us as a nation and people.