CICO Gives Back To Community

CICO Gives Back To Community

China Chongqing International Construction Company (CICO) which won the bid to rehabilitate the Red Light-Gbarnga road project has embarked on the rehabilitation of several feeder roads in Bong County as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The company rehabilitation of several kilometer stretch of feeder roads in Gbartala, Yellequelleh District, Bong County, comes as the country slowly recovers from several years of civil conflicts which destroyed the productive capacity and physical infrastructure of the country.

The gesture by CICO to carry out the rehabilitation exercise in a country in dare need of road connectivity to improve farm to market road have been commended by several community residents who are direct beneficiary of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

In an interview, the District Commissioner, Madam Annie Reeves spoke of the cordial working relationship that has and continued to exist between her office and the company which has afforded residents who are direct beneficiary to have access to road connectivity which is key.

She named the provision of several garbage bin made available by CICO and indicated that this good will gesture has so far helped the district in responding to the overwhelming needs of residents in need of such service.

In appreciation to the gesture, Commissioner Reeves said the company was also sensitive in providing a set of furniture tothe magisterial court in Gbartala, Bong County, thereby restoring dignity to the judiciary branch of government as well as buttressing the rule of law.

Madam Reeves voiced; “CICO also fulfilled another request from my office which was the provision of several tons of crush rocks for the construction of a palaver hut closer to the commissioner office and also the construction of a high school currently being under taken by the representative of the district.

While Madam Reeves was providing a catalogue of development initiates by the Chinese owned company, scores of residents from a near town (Boyama) were expressing similar sentiments to the company for the construction of a major stretch of road between Zeasue and Totota previously inaccessible to vehicles.

According to Daniel Sele, Human Resource Officer of the Gbartala site, the entire exercise/road rehabilitation is being carried out “absolutely free of charged” and that the company is on record of being up to the task when it comes to giving back to the communities in which it operates.

A resident of Gbartala identified as Alfred O. Flomo, said “I feel good that this Chinese company is reaching out to our community, it is a laudable gesture”, but called on the company to consider doing more in other affected communities.Flomo said the road had been abandoned due to its poor sate, thereby compelling residents of the community includinghim to walk long distances.

Visibly elated, a member of the Liberia Marketing Association, MusuManyango, said she was expressing her gratitude to the company for the construction of another stretch of road leading to the Lesay Elementary School also in the Gbartala area which her children currently attend.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Reeves has disclosed of plans by her office to shortly submit a request to CICO’s top level management for the construction of a football playground in the community to promote youth related activities.

Since the company started its operations in Liberia, CICO has and continues to impact the lives of Liberians as evident by the employment of scores of skilled and unskilled Liberians who have built their shattered lives following years of devastating war.