Chris Neyor Changes Gear

The former President and CEO of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Christopher Neyor, says that those who mistook his temporary retreat as a sound of fear or weakness will be in for a shock as he and the people of Montserrado County are advancing on to victory, come October 14 in the 2014 Special Election.

The Montserrado County Senatorial Aspirant said, “Those who thought our retreat meant surrendering the cause of our people across Montserrado County, you were fooled. I will never betray the cause of our young people who remain unskilled and/or unemployed, our women who are marginalized, and communities that remain in slum conditions. Christopher Neyor is back and stronger than before. I tactically retreated; I have returned and with the silent and exploited majority of Montserrado County citizens, we are advancing on to victory, come October 14, 2014.”

Speaking yesterday at a press conference in the Airfield community, Aspirant Neyor said, “The country is on the wrong path with conspicuous incompetence, corruption, nepotism and outright disregard for the plight of Liberians including the massive youth unemployment.”

He continued, “With this nightmarish performance, I assure you people of Montserrado, help is on the way. We have a plan to restore Montserrado County.”

Aspirant Neyor then unveiled his platform which is named and styled the “Better Montserrado Agenda for Change” or BEMAC which describes what the Neyor campaign will do for the people of Montserrado County.

According to BEMAC as a Montserrado County Senator, Christopher Z. Neyor will be part of the solution to reverse the growing economic decline that is around the country.

Some of the issues that the Aspirant would tackle once he ascends to the position as Senator would be legislative oversight, protection and efficient management of natural resources, massive skill-building and employment initiative, building a Liberian private sector, education, turning on the lights, health, land reform, accessible representation, corruption, nepotism and other improprieties, increasing national revenue, and community development.