NOCAL’s Financial Scandal Case Continues Tomorrow

By Edwin G. Wandah

Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia yesterday postponed the case of a financial misappropriation of some former employees of the National Oil Company of Liberia-NOCAL who were allegedly involved.

According to Augustine S. Neh, he resigned in May 2014 from the Liberia National Police as Chief Inspector and re-applied at the Liberia Anti-Commission Committee, the LACC, where he and a team of investigators at the LACC led an investigation against some persons who were indicted by NOCAL to be in connection of stolen checks.

Augustine stated further that on August 11, 2014, Prince Koffa carried a NOCAL Hydro Carbon Developmental Check bearing the name Joseph Howard to be cashed, and he was immediately arrested after the teller at the ECO-Bank Waterside Branch realized that the bearer of the check, Prince Korfa, was not the legitimate one to cash the check.

Upon his arrest, he (Prince Koffa) was taken to Metro Police Depot, Center Street Sub-Police Station by CID Officers, and was investigated by CID Commander James Rennie and a team of Investigators there.

Augustine add that, based on the preliminary investigation conducted by the Liberia National Police the LNP at Center Street, the case was subsequently transferred to his office at the LACC, where he and a team of investigators led the investigation.

He said, during the investigation, Prince Koffa was seen secretly making calls from an unknown source on a GSM number (231-886-421-370) which he claimed he was communicating with his fiancée,Kaka to be identified later.

Prince also told the investigators that Boy James and Pewee Flomo were part of the financial scandal, but Pewee denied his involvement, but admitted ownership of the mobile phone number he had assigned to his girlfriend and that he was no longer using it.

He stated further that the amount of USD3570, 00 NOCAL Hydro Carbon amount was too small for him, but the investigators said several check leaves were issued to Pewee and that the third, and sixth leaves of the check book which witness Augustine said the investigation found it necessary to find out why leaf 17 got out of the possession of Chris Koffa.

The LACC investigation also revealed that Pewee and Chris Koffa were finally arrested for being in possession of a NOCAL Check Book but Nash, another suspect said Pewee promised him a handsome reward if he did not mention his name.

Meanwhile, Criminal Court C has postponed the case to Thursday at 10 a.m. citing all parties to be present.