Young Muslim Student Urges Liberians

By Morrison O.G Sayon

As Liberians commemorate the 167th years of their nation’s Independence, a young Liberian Muslim has reminded his fellow countrymen that the process of development is not an easy one as it demands tangible resources.

Mr. Morry Duckury A. Sumaworo, a PhD candidate in Comparative Laws in Malaysia, reminded his fellow compatriot as Liberia strives to improve its level of development but the process is not an easy one. He said the process demands putting into place software, infrastructures and hardware infrastructures to facilitate the attainment of the nation’s development agenda.

Speaking at the Thanksgiving and Intercessory Pray Service in commemoration of the celebration of the 167th Independence Anniversary of Liberia held over the weekend at the Riher Central Mosque on Gurley Street, Monrovia,   Mr. Sumaworo said beside these two most critical requisites for national progress in all aspects; political, economic, social and educational rely heavily on two major pillars. He named the major pillars as operation and corporation. He added that the operational pillar is the duty of leadership which the nation has experienced some of its useful fruits since 2006.

“And we have seen some positive and progressive steps towards national recovery in all domains. Second is corporation. By corporation in this context, I mean togetherness which is the duty of governor and the governed alike.     In our world, it is a nationalistic responsibility of all citizens to be corporative in achieving any program set by the authority for the betterment of the nation such as the agenda for transformation and the 2030 Vision of our nation,” Sumaworo noted.

The learned Muslim scholar added, “Let’s join hands and put efforts together in achieving our nation’s goals, unity, peace, educational improvement, uplifting infrastructures and presenting a positive image of Mama Liberia to our international partners.”

Among other things, he noted that it was under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf that real meaning of equity, equality and national integration which are enshrined in and by the nation’s Constitution were applied.

Also Speaking, President Sirleaf admonished Muslims throughout the country to continue to pray for genuine peace and reconciliation as the nation commemorates 167 years of Independence. In brief remarks, the President said Liberia is faced with difficulties but reminded Muslims in the country that in the midst of these difficult situations, the citizens must remain strong.

President Sirleaf added that if the citizens remain strong they will be able to overcome the present situation that the country is faced with. The Liberian leader said her government continues to give equal opportunity to all of its citizens in spite of their religion, creed, political affiliation or tribe.

She then lauded the Muslim community in Liberia for their prayers for the nation and called on them to continue the good work for the betterment of their country.