Prevention; Not Bitter Kola Or Vaccine

ASSISTANT HEALTH MINISTER for Preventive Services, Tolbert Nyenswah, has disputed media reports that the nut, ‘Garcinia Kola’, commonly known as bitter kola, is a cure for Ebola.

HE SAID TO date no vaccine or cure has been found for Ebola. A local daily reported recently that the nut had stopped the Ebola virus in test tubes in initial laboratory experiments and experts, including a Nigerian pharmacologist, revealed.

MINISTER NYENSWAH THEN called on the public to report anyone or group of people administering vaccines supposedly for the prevention of Ebola or any form of drug or tablets, herbs or injections in the communities to the nearest police station.

AT THE SAME time, the Health Ministry has called on the public not to listen to any information from unknown individuals or groups, except that provided by the Ministry of Health and partners.

ACCORDING TO MR. Nyenswuah, anyone caught administering fake vaccine or tablets and even spreading wrong information on the Ebola disease would face prosecution.

THE OUTBREAK OF the deadly Ebola epidemic which has now spread to seven counties is something to be very worried about because it is claiming lives and rapidly spreading in our country.

IN THE MIDST of the outbreak, there are some unscrupulous individuals who are claiming that the ‘Garcinia Kola’ otherwise known as Bitter Kola is the cure for Ebola. Some of these individuals are also going around administering fake vaccine which they said could contain the deadly virus.

WE CALL ON the public not to listen to any information from unknown individuals or groups that bitter kola or vaccine can cure the Ebola virus.Those are false information and only intended to give our people false hope. Only information provided by the Ministry of Health and partners should be embraced by the public.

THE BEST THING to do in the midst of the rapid spread of the virus is to take preventive measures and not to give credence to the false information. Beware that there is no cure yet for Ebola and nothing else, but can be prevented if the proper instructions are followed to the letter.

DO NOT ALLOW anyone claiming to have vaccine for Ebola to administer it to you, your children or family members because this is dangerous and only intended to worsen the situation. Let us prevent ourselves against this deadly virus in accordance with the Health Ministry’s advice and not to follow information that are only intended to provide false hope.

AGAIN, ACCORDING TO experts, no known cure has been discovered for Ebola except preventive measures therefore, let us not allow anyone to lie to us that there is a vaccine against it or bitter kola can cure it. Let us do the best thing by preventing ourselves and families against this deadly disease. YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT, SO DO NOT PUT IT ON THE LINE.