Land Dispute Turns Violent

A two-bedroom home was allegedly damaged by a man identified as Tangbeh and other unidentified men in the Township of Dixville recently.

Records suggest that one Jackson Yoko bought the lot of land from his now landlord, Emanuel Richard, and constructed his dream house but Mr. Tangbeh allegedly told people in the community that the land belongs to him.

According to eyewitnesses, about 11p.m. on July 14, 2014, Tangbeh and some other men allegedly went to the unfinished house and began damaging parts of the structure but with the timely intervention of some neighbors, the wicked deed was aborted.

But it is also alleged that for the second time, when the men returned, they and Mr. Tangbeh did more  damage to the structure. They alleged that at that time, unlike the first time, no neighbors came because according to some residents Tangbeh and the men had a single barrel gun, under heavy downpour of rain.

According to reports, following the incident, Mr. Yoko informed the Dixville Commissioner, Lomini Roberts, about the damage done to his property, but to date his complaint has not been addressed.

Speaking to this paper, Mr. Yoko said that he would also issue a writ of arrest on Tangbeh for terroristic threats because according to him (Yoko) Tangbeh in his presence threatened to harm anyone who trespasses his property.