Emulating Supt. Cooper’s Initiative

Few days ago, the Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Madam Etweda Cooper, constituted an Ebola Task Force to sensitize citizens of the county about Ebola disease and measures to prevent it.

While launching the task force over the weekend in the port city of Buchanan, Superintendent Cooper said the Task Force will lead the fight against the deadly virus in the county.

She told a cross-section of Bassa citizens that indeed, Ebola exists in Liberia and that it kills in “a very short period of time and has no cure.”

Quoting statistics from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Grand Bassa Superintendent said 71% of those affected with the virus have died, including health workers.

She said, “It is about time that citizens do all in their power to adhere to the rules of engagement about what causes Ebola and those foods and the hygienic components of it.”

We hail the Bassa Superintendent for such worthy initiative intended to sensitize the citizens of Grand Bassa and others residing in the county about the deadly Ebola virus.

While the Government and its partners are doing everything possible to combat the virus, we also call on local authorities to emulate the good example of Supt. Cooper by ensuring that their people are sensitized and be aware of those preventive measures to curtail further spread of the virus.

Already the Ebola virus has spread to seven of the 15 counties and has claimed lives of many citizens, that is why urgent measures must be taken by not only the government but also local authorities to help their people understand the danger associated with Ebola and how to prevent it.

We believe that the fight against the deadly Ebola epidemic cannot be left alone with central government but all Liberians including those residing in the various counties, districts, chiefdoms, clans and even the towns and villages. If we all get involved in the fight against Ebola, Liberia will win the war against this killer virus and end the death tolls in our country.

That is why we are again lauding the efforts of Madam Cooper and her county team for initiating the process. In the same vein, we call on other county authorities to emulate this good example by setting up either task forces or organized groups to ensure that every citizen is knowledgeable about Ebola. Remember, prevention is better than cure.