CICO-Liberia Expresses Disappointment In Motorists

By: Dougba McCay-In Kakata, Margibi

The China Chonqging International Construction Corporation (CICO-Liberia), has expressed serious disappointment in motorists plying the Red-Light Gbarnga Road.

Speaking to this Paper over the weekend, the safety engineer of the Company, Mr. Kelvin E. Clarke said drivers plying the road on a daily basis are in the constant habit of violating the traffic rules and regulations thereby causing them to lose control.

Mr. Clarke stated that the drivers are deliberately ignoring the traffic signs placed along the road by the Company.

He said that there are signs and indicators posted by the Company along the road to direct the drivers either to go or stop and what speed limit to maintain.

According to him, two flaggers are assigned along the road with two fl0ags (Red and green) in their hands to control the traffic, but some of the drivers don’t take advantage of the caution thereby creating room for the numerous automobile accidents on the highway.

The CICO safety engineer intoned that the Company also plants signs to locations where working or operation can be ongoing to inform the drivers that there is a work ongoing to a particular area.

He added that motorists especially motorcyclists recklessly ply the road despite the awareness created by the Company informing them about the dangers of reckless ridding.

In recent time many drivers complained that CICO had allegedly failed to plant signs that would direct drivers or road users plying the road thus increasing the number of accidents.

Mr. Clarke is at the same time calling on the drivers to observe the traffic rules in order to avoid accident.

For his part, the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of CICO-Liberia, Mr. Shengwei Li noted that he believes that the drivers who are in the traffic went to driving schools and learnt the basic traffic rules to guide them and as such he does not expect them to disobey these rules.

Mr. Lihowever said the drivers should be appreciative to see indicators along the road to direct them something he said is meant to avoid accident and save lives.