Denouncing The Act Of Violence

THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE Officer (CEO) of City Construction Company Incorporated, Mr. Sam S. Saryon said violence is not the way forward in the country. Mr. Saryon said violence always leads to damage of properties and as such, young people must desist from such unlawful act.

HE STATED FURTHER that the act of resolving a problem must be through dialogue in any community instead of engaging in acts of violence that would lead to serious setback. He averred that no matter how the situation may be, young people must always exercise patience and address grievances in a polite manner and do away with acts of violence as a means of solving or expressing their grievances.

HE SAID THE recent violence which took place in Zolowee, Nimba County between some rioters and Arcelor Mittal that resulted into the damage of properties owned by Arcelor Mittal was rather unfortunate and regrettable.

MR. SARYON SAID that it would have been prudent for those persons to channel their grievances through their county authorities and lawmakers rather than to damage the company’s properties.

WE DO CONCUR with Mr. Saryon that the act of violence is a dangerous path which we as Liberians must avoid because in most cases, the result of violence is nothing but chaos and destruction.

LET US ALWAYS seek peaceful means in resolving our differences rather than resorting to violence. The fact remains that as human beings, we will always have some differences, be it in the home, workplaces or the society but those differences were resolved through dialogue and consultations.

SOME YEARS BACK we thought that the use of violence was the best option in addressing our grievances and went to nearly 14 years of devastating civil conflict which led to the loss of thousands of lives, chaos and wanton destruction but at the end of it, we went on the table through dialogue to find a peaceful solution.

IN RECENT TIMES, we have witnessed the burning down of schools, police stations in Bong and Margibi Counties and other violent acts which have led to the destruction of properties in the country in the name of expressing our grievances. The latest incident is the recent violent act in Nimba County that also led to the destruction of Arcelor Mittal’s properties. This is not the way to address anger; let us use peace in the midst of anger because violence cannot solve our problem.

THAT IS WHY we frown on the use of violence as the means of resolving our differences. Let us all be reminded that at the end of violence, only peace will be sought especially after the destruction of lives and properties.

AGAIN, WE DENOUNCE violence as the best option of solving our problems; we have seen the result of violence and as such, we must always seek peaceful means to address our grievances. Liberians are tired with the act of violence; we went through it for nearly 14 years and at the end what we saw was death, destruction and mayhem.

NO MORE SHALL we return to violence as a means of resolving our differences; let us seek peace through dialogue and consultations rather than violence.