“Violence Is Not The Way Forward”…Liberian Businessman Tells Young People

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of City Construction Company Incorporated, Mr. Sam S. Saryon, says violence is not the way forward in the country because it leads to destruction of lives and properties; hence the youths should desist from unlawful acts.

Serving as a Chief Launcher for Scholarship Fund Drive at the Wells-Hairston High School over the weekend, Mr. Saryon disclosed that political pundits should not use young people to embrace violence in any routine.

Mr. Saryon added that the act of solving problems should be done through dialogue in any community and avoid engaging in violent acts that would lead to a serious precarious situation. He averred that no matter how the situation maybe, young people should always exercise their patience and address the issue politely. “They should not use violence as means of solving or expressing their grievances,” Saryon intimated.

With specific reference to the recent violence that occurred in Zolowee, Nimba County between some rioters and   Arcelor Mittal which resulted into massive destruction of properties owned by Arcelor Mittal, Mr. Saryon expressed regrets for such unwholesome act.

Mr. Saryon said that it would have been prudent for those persons to channel their grievances through their county authorities and lawmakers rather than damaging the company’s properties.

“Those people who have damaged the company’s properties should be brought to justice for prosecution and proper investigation should be conducted to actually know the root-cause of their unlawful act,” Mr. Saryon stated.

Additionally, he noted that young people in the country must be empowered through capacity building to enhance them become useful and contribute to national development and growth. He said many programs should be initiated to help the youths to remain focused and keep their minds from violence because violence is a cankerworm or a dreadful virus.

He explained that his company has provided job and scholarship opportunities for young Liberians to enable them contribute immensely to national growth and development and make an impact in the society.

According to Mr. Saryon, the City Construction Company Incorporated has employed thousands of Liberians and will continue to demonstrate its commitment to providing job opportunities for young people in the country to enable some of them go back to school and continue with their academic sojourn.

Mr. Saryon has challenged Liberian students to remain focused, determined so that they can acquire sound, meaningful education. Businessman Saryon has also given 6 students scholarships at Wells-Hairston High School estimated at L$48,000.

Meanwhile the Administration of the institution has lauded the Liberian Businessman for his kind gesture and urged him to continue with his goodwill posture in the country.