Nimba Students Take Issue With Their Lawmakers…Say They Are Using Violence To Score Political Marks

A conglomeration of Nimba students under the banner of the Progressive Student Association of Nimba says its attention has been drawn to the recent violence in the county.

The student group described the action of some lawmakers as a calculated attempt by the Nimba lawmakers to use said violence to score political marks in effecting their selfish and unwarranted plan by calling on the resignation/dismissal of Superintendent Fong Zuagele.

According to the group through its leaders, Mr. Abraham Zotah and Bill C. Swon, in a failed meeting held at the home of the Nimba Legislative Caucaus, Thomas Grupee on July 15, 2(114, all members of the Caucus except for Prince Y. Johnson who was not in attendance, unanimously called for the dismissal of Supt. Zuagele, asserting that anything short of his dismissal by the President would lead to them exhibiting a non-compliance posture to the President/Executive bill or they will stop doing the Liberian people’s work as they are currently boycotting sessions.

Some of the reasons given by the lawmakers of Nimba for their action according to the students include among other things that, the President failed to consult them before appointing the Superintendent; that the Superintendent is stalling development in the county; that the Superintendent unilaterally suspended Mr. Clinton Laywhee, the PMC head; that the Superintendent provoked the recent riot/violence in Nimba and that he master-minded the arrests of many Nimba citizens during the recent violence.

Regarding the President’s failure to consult them before appointing the Superintendent, the students said, “We are constrained to ask our lawmakers where they have ever read that the President must consult the Legislature before making appointments. It is saddened to note that our lawmakers are sending a message to the rest of the world that they are not reading or understanding the constitution which gives the President the sole power to appoint officials of government including Superintendents.”

“With the issue of Mr. Laywhee, we are beginning to suspect that the lawmakers are connected to the unjustifiable over USD300, 000 withdrawn from the county’s account in a day’s time as alleged by the Superintendent for which he suspended Mr. Laywhee. We are afraid that the lawmakers are using the recent violence as a scapegoat to quiet the Superintendent on his investigation,” the group averred.

They stated further that as per Zuagele provoking the violence and masterminding the arrests of several Nimba citizens as claimed by the lawmakers, they want to make it categorically clear that Mr. Zuagele had some missed steps in the process, equally so, some of the lawmakers played direct and clandestine roles in the arrest, detention and incarceration of some of those arrested.

“It is abundantly clear that some of those arrested during the fracas were commercial motorbike riders whose bikes were chartered by Rep. Prince Tokpa of District#2 so as to get to the camp but in the process, he and the boys were arrested. The group added that Rep. Tokpa is now free but the boys are behind bars while he and his colleagues are doing nothing to have them released.