LNRCS Clarifies Speculation Of Ebola Vaccination

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has clarified speculations of Ebola vaccine in some quarters that Red Cross staffs are in various communities vaccinating people including those suspected or confirmed with the deadly virus.

LNRCS’s Secretary General, Fayiah Tamba, made this statement yesterday at a press conference in Monrovia.

Mr. Tamba said the act of people wanting to use the identity of the institution to carry out their clandestine deed is evil, unacceptable and wants the Police to arrest and prosecute anyone caught in the process professing to be a Red Cross staff.

He said there had been calls received from some friends and partners relating to the involvement of LNRCS providing vaccine for the deadly Ebola and that LNRCS has been a partner to the government especially in the fight of the deadly Ebola.

He added that the LNRCS is not in the business of providing vaccine, and not even for Ebola because it has been made known by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOH&SW), International Partners, and the LNRCS that the deadly Ebola disease does not have any vaccine, and not even a cure.

He stated that there is no way an institution like the LNRCS that is behind the effort of MOH&SW to come up with a vaccine and that the LNRCS is not in any community providing vaccine for the deadly Ebola.

Tamba said if anyone is caught in any community that will confess being a Red Cross employee and is providing vaccine should be arrested by the community and be turned over to the Liberia National Police (LNP).

He said if anyone has said MOH&SW has provided vaccine for Ebola is just an act of being evil, and people of such nature should be arrested and turned over to authorities.

He said, “While the Red Cross is strongly collaborating in the areas of social mobilization and awareness, psychosocial counseling, contact tracing, and the provision of survival kits to victims, the rumor of Ebola vaccination by the Red Cross is false and misleading,” he concluded.