16-Month Old Baby ‘Raped’…As Alleged Perpetrator, 30, In Court

The parents of a sixteen-month old baby, who was allegedly raped by Mark G. Mangblih, have taken the alleged perpetrator to court.

The child, name withheld, is a resident of Fiamah community, while her alleged rapist, Mark G. Mangblih lives in New Matadi in Sinkor, Monrovia.

According to Police investigation, based upon a complaint by Gibson Cooper of Fiamah Community, defendant Mark G. Mangblih was arrested by police officer, Fred T. Davis.

Complainant Gibson told Police that, on Saturday, July 12, 2014, at 1p.m., he was at a graduation party when he heard a loud noise, only to notice the child lying in a pool of blood and with bruises all on her back and was bitterly crying.

But according to Police preliminary investigation, defendant Mark G. Mangblih denied the allegation levied against him.

The Defendant said while he and his friends were dressing a devil to take around to generate funds, they encountered a lady who was graduating but did not say which kind of graduation and they decided to follow the lady since indeed it could help them generate money as it was their intention.

Mark said, in that process, he was arrested by Police Officer Fred T. Davis and brought to the Liberia National Police Headquarters for questioning.

Meanwhile, the accused is now standing trial at the City Court in Monrovia.