Suspected Ebola Patient Released

By Janjay F. Campbell

Mr. Claudius Banarwolo who was re-integrated into society yesterday was released to his family after surviving the Ebola virus.

Speaking with reporters at John F. Kennedy Medical Center Cholera Unit, Mr. Banarwolo said he is very grateful to be alive and see his family again, because some of his family members and friends thought he was dead.

Mr. Banarwolo who is a Physician Assistant at the Redemption Hospital said he came in contact with disease from a patient he was taking care of at the hospital. He was taken to the testing center at JFK on June 28,2014 where he was tested and confirmed that he had the Ebola virus.

The Assistant Minister for Preventive Service at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Tolbert Nyenswah congratulated Mr. Babarwolo saying that because he got supportive treatment early that is why he survive the virus.

Minister Nyenswah is calling on Liberians to be aware of the deadly virus and said that if anyone is showing symptoms of the virus their family should take the person at the testing center at JFK. He said when confirm the person might survive the Ebola virus.

The Chairman, Case Management Committee, Dr. Moses Massaquoi said Ebola exist and people do survive from it. He told reporters that if a patient is brought to the testing center for testing and that person case is confirm, he/she can survive the Ebola virus if the virus is at am early stage.

The family of Claudius Banarwolo was seen praying and crying when their brother walked out of the testing center yesterday. Many who where standing by commented that they now believed that the Ebola virus is in Liberia and it is real.