Maryland Bar Association donates to County’s Courts

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Maryland Bar Association has recently distributed some items including carbon sheets, legal papers and typewriters amongst others to several courts in Maryland County.

The donation of the items were made on behalf of the local bar by its president Atty. Edwin Martin who said the presentation was in fulfilment of pledge made by the former president of the local bar, now Associate Justice, Her Honour Sie-A-Neyene Youh.

The items donated included 40 cartons of Legal papers, three cartons of folders, two cartons of carbon sheets and other assorted stationery items. The beneficiaries of the donations were the 4th Judicial Circuit Court, Harper City Magisterial Court, Pleebo City Magisterial Court, Gedetarbo Magisterial Court, Monolu City Magisterial Court and the Barobo Magistrial Court all of Maryland County.

At the distribution ceremony, the Development Superintendent informed the Bar’s president that the county allocated a lot adjacent the Harper City Hall for the construction of the Legal Aid office. The delegation was then taken on an inspection tour of the land immediately after the meeting.

After touring the land, the president of the Bar, Atty Edwin Martin expressed gratitude to the Superintendent for responding positively to the Bar’s request and promised that the land will be used for its intended purpose.

At the end of the successful hosting of the First quarterly assembly which ran from February 28- March 3, 2014 in Harper, Maryland County by the Maryland Bar, the then president of the Bar Her Honour Sie-A-Neyene Youh who made the pledge to the people of Maryland was nominated as Associate Justice of the Honourable Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia. Predicated upon her Commission as Associate Justice, she immediately resigned her position as president and democratically transferred power to the vice president, Attorney Edwin Martin.

Consistent with the pledges made to the people of Maryland County, Attorney Martin upon resuming the leadership decided to prioritize those pledges and realizing the need to make good those promises, the president, Edwin Martin requested that cash or contribution be made in kind by all members of the Bar for the sole purpose of fulfilling the promises made to the people of Maryland.

According to the report from the Maryland Bar Association, the members overwhelmingly accepted the president’s request and they made enormous contributions which led to the purchase of the items that were presented to the courts.

The report described the construction of the Legal Aid Office in the County as a major task of the Maryland Bar Association and called on members of the association to remain focused in order to restore the legal dignity of Maryland County.

Meanwhile, the president, delegation and the entire membership of the Bar were congratulated for the auspicious program which was labelled as first of its kind in the history of Maryland County.