LBS Dep. Director Advises Liberians Against Negative Vices….As MC Graduates Over 90 Students

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Deputy Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting Station (LBS), Ledgerwood Rennie, has cautioned Liberians on what he terms as worrisome and alarming attitudes and behaviors that have the propensity to put the post war country to its pre-war status.

Serving as the guest speaker for the 58th graduation ceremony of the Monrovia College and Industrial Training at the Monrovia City Hall where 90 students were graduated, the LBS Deputy Boss spoke on the topic ‘Inculcate a Culture of Discipline and Integrity in our society through a solid Youth Education.’

Deputy Director Rennie said that his heart bleeds for the country because of the“increasing level of indiscipline that is seemingly taking over the way we conduct ourselves as a nation and people. This level of indiscipline, fueled by an equally matched level of dishonesty is slowly retarding our progress which just few years ago, was being hailed by our international friends and partners.”

He continued, “If this behavior is not checked, it could lead to catastrophic consequences, not mainly for the older generation of our population who are the minority, and have lived the glorious days of Liberia, but for us, and I dare say YOU the younger generation, who are now poised to inherit the future of our country.”

He further said, “Liberians shouldn’t give this attitude credence by applauding and rewarding outright acts of indiscipline and dishonesty. We salute the perpetrators. We call them rights activists and advocates; we brand as tough-talking self-proclaim loud-mouth political and social pundits who bring very little value to the national platform when they dissent, other than openly insulting national political and social leaders when they differ; or rather inciting the mass majority of our gullible population against the status-quo.”

He added, “We are also fond of hailing our national leaders who abuse the public trust and or coffers calling them rich people and bestowing honor upon them especially in our religious institutions or social organizations. This too is disgusting and demeaning; it has to stop!”

“Oh yes! The height of indiscipline and dishonesty at all levels of our society is reaching new portions- and I dare say record-breaking portions! No respect for our leaders! No respect amongst ourselves. We act dishonestly when given the slightest of opportunities. And no one seems to care. Look at what happened in Nimba just a few days ago,” Deputy Director Rennie stated.

He stated further that a way forward is by instituting a “behavioral bond” as a mandatory requirement for students during their education formation. Parents must be made to sign it with a proviso to ensure that their kids go to school on time, are tidy as students, and well-behaved at all times.

Mr. Rennie concluded that parents, schools, communities must renew their pledge “to work individually and collectively to erect this devastated nation based on a Culture of Discipline and Integrity in our society through a solid ‘Youth Education’.”

Monrovia College which was opened in 1922 is one of Liberia’s historic institutions of learning with one of the country’s oldest vocational and technical programs that is being extended to added drafting, early childhood development, and technical construction.

For his part the valedictorian for the 2013/2014 MC graduating class, Cyrus Nyumah, urged his fellow graduates to maximize opportunities that come their way and to join him to help change the world.