Immigration Disrobes Several For “Forgery”, Others

The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization has with immediate effect disrobed six (6) of its officers for time indefinite without salary for forgery, doctoring of Immigration related documents, taking bribe and falsification of the Commissioner’s signature.

Those officers involved are: Ltc. Othello Choloply, Chief of Intelligence of the Grand Bassa Detail, Capt. James Sibley of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit, Maj. Dennis K. Yorgbor, Chief of Budget (BIN), Capt. Isaiah Williams, Press and Public Affairs, Lt. Joe Kerbah, Task Force and Capt. Anthony Taylor, who is on the run. All of whom violated Section 15.0 of the BIN Code of Conduct “Integrity Related Misconduct”.

Which states: “Integrity is essential to the effective functioning of BIN, only by which every employee maintaining the highest standard of integrity and professionalism will help the BIN keep the public trust and confidence which is very critical to effectuating our statutory responsibilities and section 4.1 of the Standard Operational Procedure “Portraying Good Image”. Which states an Immigration Officers should portray good image and provide an impartial professional service in the discharge of his/her duty.

These officers were contacted by aliens to obtain their resident permits and the renewal of other permits of residents which were done outside of the normal procedures and processes, thereby obtaining faked flag receipts, the issuance of fake permit of resident thus denying the national government of the needed revenue.

Moreover, these officers have been asked to turn over all BIN properties in their possession and at the same time been forwarded to the National Security Agency (NSA) for investigation.

Meanwhile, the Fula Governor in Buchanna Mr. Mamadou Jalloh, who asked an immigration officer in Monrovia to process residence permits for three (3) of his kinsmen has identified Capt. James Sibley as the officer that masterminded the procuring of the faked flag receipts and the issuance of the fake permit of resident.

Those three Fula kinsmen violated section 5.21 of the Alien and Nationality Laws of Liberia.

The law states, “that any person who falsely and fraudulently makes or obtains for himself or another a visa, or other documents permitting entry into Liberia, or another person who uses such a document knowing it to have falsely or fraudulently obtained shall be subjected to a fine of not more than us 1000.00 or imprisonment for not more than 1 year or both.”

However, the authorities of the Bureau want to assure the general public that those involve in forgery, doctoring of Immigration related documents, once they are apprehended, they will be dealt with drastically in accordance with the Standard Operational Procedure, the BIN Code of Conduct and the Pena Law of Liberia.