Dark Cloud Hangs Over UP Bong Primary…Ranney Jackson Raises Concern

Dark cloud is said to be hanging over the rerun of the ruling Unity Party’s primary though the party has not announced any definite time for the re-conduct of the recent controversial primary in which Dr. Henrique Tokpa was pronounced winner.

An aspirant of the Bong County Senatorial seat in the ensuing Special Election, Ranney Jackson, has alarmed over the level of threats from few partisans of the Unity Party (UP) as the party re-conducts its primary in that county.

Addressing a news conference yesterday, he said his attention has been drawn to what he said the wave of threats meted against partisans of the party in Bong who he said are in support of his campaign and other sympathizers from various political divide by a handful of followers of Mr. Arthur Bestman, Secretary General of the Local Party branch in Bong.

Mr. Jackson said, “On the 11thof July, 2014, Mr. Arthur Bestman appeared on the Truth FM Breakfast show, where he deceptively presented a chunk of falsehood as it relates to the Primary Deadlock in Bong. In that interview he accused Dr. Charles Clark of being bribed by me and the First Partisan, the President of meddling into Bong Politics.”

Jackson added that Mr. Bestman also falsely accused Rep. Corpu Barclay of leading a standoff which according to him resulted to Mr. George Wisner’s inability to announce the result of the process. “At the end of the aforementioned allegations, Mr. Bestman stated that, he and his men will ensure that they institute measures of violence to prevent the rerun of the Primary in Bong County. At a separate occasion, Mr. Bestman appeared on a local radio station in Gbarnga (Supper Bongees Radio) where he informed the public that they would ensure through violence and any other means that the Unity Party does not nominate a candidate in Bong,” he added.

He said,Madam Viola Cooper, who at one point in time contributed to the deadlock hosted a meeting at Dr. Henrique Tokpa’s own Serengeti Hotel on July 12, 2014, where she invited several groups and presented a plan to disrupt the party’s primary in the county. He was therefore requesting their support.

“Some of the group’s leaders informed me of a cash envelope of US$1,500 that was available if they agreed to participate in the standoff, ”Jackson narrated.

Jackson then called on his supporters to remain calm and avoid every form of violence and vandalism as they put their intelligence to work in counteracting every form of political violence which the country has been a victim of for many years in its history.

He at the same time, called on the National Executive Committee of the party to take precaution from the information provided and ensure a secured primary for Bong County.