Robert Sirleaf Gets Petition To Contest Montserrado Seat

Robert Sirleaf Gets Petition To Contest Montserrado Seat

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

At long last, after several months of speculations that the son of President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf, Robert A. Sirleaf was not interested in contesting any elected post, Mr. Sirleaf has finally thrown his hat into the Montserrado County special senatorial race slated for October 2014.

The office of Robert A. Sirleaf repeatedly statedthat Mr. Sirleaf had not made any decision to contest the senatorial race in Montserrado County, but that he was more concerned about lifting the lives of Liberians.

The clarity was made at the time in the wake of what it calls shallow, factually incorrect, and politically motivated statements from individuals in the society.

Mr. Sirleaf’s office responded in a release that he (Robert) respects and encourages all those aspiring to contest the 2014 special senatorial elections to do so as it is their right as well as his.

But the release further said Mr. Sirleaf’s priority remains to care for the people of Liberia as he has done over the past years.

Now the speculation has ended and Mr. Sirleaf has received a petition from a group calling itself the Redemption Council of Montserrado in collaboration with the Coalition of Community Based Organizations mainly from the 17 electoral districts of Montserrado County.

Yesterday, at the petition ceremony held on the Clara Town sport pitch, the group’s spokesperson, Lasanna Fofana outlined the issues of youth empowerment, scholarships, construction of pit latrines, and market halls as some of the contributions Mr. Sirleaf has brought to the people of Liberia in various districts.

Addressing hundreds of supporters representing the 17b districts in Montserrado County,Mr. Fofana said the purpose of the petition is to allow Mr. Sirleaf redeem the county and its people from the hands of failed representatives who had been electedto serve the citizens of the county for 9 years.

Fofana disclosed that he and his district colleagues will not only petition Mr. Sirleaf but that they would work with him to ensure that he is freely elected as the next Senator for Montserrado County in the pending October 14, 2014, Special Senatorial election.

Receiving the petition, Mr. Sirleaf acknowledged the group’s decisionbut promised to take it home and consult God to direct him. According to him, the petition represents the voice of the young people which he holds closer to his heart.

He indicated that the petition is not just for 6 months or year but for 9 years to understand the plight of the people and work with them to lift their future. “I will lift your future with you. I hold this petition dear to my heart, so when I go to bed, I will ask God to give me an answer,” Robert said.