Port Truckers Alarm Over APM Terminal’s Operation…Threaten Strike Action Wednesday if…

The Port ‘s Truckers Association of Liberia, Inc. ( PTAL) has complained about ineffective services being rendered to its members by the APM Terminal which is responsible to control all vessels’ movements and also the off- loading of containers at the Freeport of Monrovia.

Speaking during a press conference last Saturday, the president of the association, Mr. William Dewact said that the APM Terminal’s equipment which the company use for its operation has been experiencing a constant breakdown which he said has negatively impacted his association’s revenue generating capacities as a business entity.

“For the past two weeks, we have been carrying our trucks at the Freeport for loading but could not be afforded the needed services due to equipment breakdown on the part of the APM Terminal,” the president indicated.

He also informed the media that APM Terminal has been charging storage fees for goods on the following day(s) when in fact it is responsible for the delay which has to be borne by the truckers.

According to President Dewact, the situation was affecting business operations in the country which he described as alarming, saying , APM Terminal must rise up to the challenge by acquiring the necessary equipment to enhance its operation.

When asked as to whether the Management of The National Port Authority was aware of what was unfolding at the APM Terminal, he answered in the affirmative and added that it has promised to improve its services.

Meanwhile, they have disclosed that his association has decided to express its dissatisfaction in the media for the public consumption and also informing the Management of APM Terminal that if it does not improve its services, the association will stage a “Go-Slow Action” this Wednesday.