On Gov’t’s Decision On Violent Protest In Nimba:Tipoteh Disagrees With Ellen…Says She Breaks The Law

Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Presidential Candidate in the 2011 Presidential and General Elections, says that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is breaking the Law by her action taken in the present Nimba Crisis.   Dr. Tipoteh insists that the President is breaking the Law because she is breaking the Constitution of Liberia that calls for the Due Process of Law. In his statement on the Nimba Crisis, Dr. Tipoteh is saying that due process refers to giving any person being charged with any offence his or her day in court. In the words of Dr. Tipoteh, due process means that any person charged for any offence is innocent until found guilty in an official government Court of Law.

Dr. Tipoteh points out that the President is breaking the Law by finding the people of Nimba, therefore the people of Liberia, guilty without waiting for the decision from the court in which the persons who have been charged with offending Acelor Mittal have been taken.

The case has not been tried but the President has issued her judgment by illegally ordering that budgeted money intended to help the people of Nimba, therefore the people of Liberia, should be used to repair the damages done to Acelor Mittal.

The President has no legal authority whatsoever to change any part of the government’s budget on her personal decision, says Dr. Tipoteh.

By punishing the people of Nimba, the President is punishing the people of Liberia because what affects one part of Liberia affects all parts of Liberia.

According to Dr. Tipoteh, the President is doing something very strange because she is appointing a Commission to find out what happened in Nimba, but she has already taken a decision on what is happening in Nimba. Then what is the use of appointing the Commission and having

the court to judge the Nimba case, Dr. Tipoteh asks? With this kind of unfair and illegal way of decision-making by the President, Dr. Tipoteh is suggesting that Civil Society Council and the Inter-Religous Council of Liberia should get together urgently and set up an Independent Commission of Inquiry because the President of Liberia has already taken side in the matter by calling the accused “guilty before innocent” instead of “innocent before guilty” as required by the Constitution of Liberia.

Finally, Dr. Tipoteh is calling upon the President to withdraw her decision on the use of the Nimba people’s money to repair damages done to Acelor Mittal in order that Liberia can be seen at home and abroad as a Country of Law and not of Person. Dr. Tipoteh closes his statement by saying that the President can earn her Nobel Peace Prize by withdrawing her decision to demonstrate that she is really for justice and peace.