LAVO To Launch Fifth Report Thursday

The Liberia Armed Violence Observatory (LAVO), an organization involved in the collection, analysis and disseminating of armed violence data in Liberia will on Thursday, July 17, 2014 launch its fifth report covering the period July 2013 to July 2014.

According to a communication received, the launch will be held under the theme: “Providing hands-on on Armed Violence data to development practitioners for the prioritization of development in Liberia taking into account the threats that armed violence poses to development.”

The communication further stated that the aim of the launch is to inform policy makers, investors, Civil Society, NGOs, citizens and others on armed violence and its negative impact on development, peace and stability in Liberia.

The fifth report takes into account the demographic of perpetrators involved into armed violence, type of armed violence, type of weapons used in the perpetration of violence, violence breeding areas, outcome of violence, data providers to the LAVO etc. The fifth report will be presented with graphical illustrations to give a clearer picture of Armed Violence incidents across Liberia.

It is jointly organized by the Liberia Armed violence Observatory (LAVO) and Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), a British based NGO with specific objective of informing policymakers and others in order for them to direct or redirect resources to programs for the reduction and prevention of armed violence.

The statement explained that LAVO is a platform of Multiple Stakeholders that positively influence the collection, analysis and dissemination of armed violence data in Liberia.

“The Multiple stakeholders are drawn from Government Ministries/Agencies, CSOs, Media, Academia, Hospitals and International NGOs. The LAVO responds to Liberia commitment of reducing and preventing armed violence and its negative impact it has on socio-economic and human development. The LAVO has published four reports since its inception in 2011. There are 25 stakeholders but 15 are active to date. The goal of LAVO is to reduce and prevent armed violence in Liberia”, the statement narrated.

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), formerly Landmine Action is a British-based charity which is working in Liberia with focus on human security. Since 2007, AOAV has engaged in training of thousands of ex-coms and war affected youths in the area of basic agricultural training.