Are Weah, Dillon Holders Of US Passports?…Party Executive Denies Allegation

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

There are claims that Ambassador George Manneh Weah, Political leader of the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Mr. Abraham Darus Dillon, Senior Political Advisor of Liberty Party (LP) are holdersof American passports, thus giving them dual citizenship of both Liberia and the
United States.

Documents sent to this paper claimed that Amb. Weah and the Liberty Party strongman, Dillon are carriers of US passports thus, making them both Liberian and American citizens while the organic law of Liberia prohibits dual citizenship especially for those seeking political positions in the country.

A photocopy of a document obtained by The Inquirer depicts Amb. George Manneh Weah on an American passport dated 03 May, 2013 which is expected to expire 02 May, 2023. Mr. Dillon’s information was also posted on a social website claiming that he is an American citizen carrying US passport.

This latest information has raised concern in the public circle especially for Mr. Dillon who went to the US just two years ago. Political pundits argued that it is not just possible for Mr. Dillon to have obtained an American passport when he did not spend four years in that country to qualify as US citizen.

On the issue of George Weah, when contacted, a stalwart of the CDC, Rep. Acarus Gray said the release of the document is a diversionary tactics by some unscrupulous individuals who want to sway the CDC’s attention from the ensuing Special Senatorial Election.Every effort to contact Mr. Mulba Morlu, an Executive of the CDC proved futile as his mobile phone rang endlessly without response.

He said similar document was also released on Mr. Dillon who has not even spent the stipulated time in the United States to qualify him for US citizenship.

As for Mr. Dillion he described this as a scam by some individuals who believe that he is campaigning for Mr. Robert Sirleaf and therefore, decided on suchwicked campaign. He said he is not a carrier of any American passport.

He said another fraud shown on the Face value of the purported passport is that his name was spelt two different ways, contending, ‘you cannot have two different names in one passport.”

He said anyone viewing the ‘purported passport’ would observe that the photo was not in the right position as such should be facing the camera and that thephoto was onetaken during a program of the Press Union of Liberia in 2009.

He said to obtain a US passport, it would take about five years and that he only stayed less than that time in the United States. He said another way is to get married to an American citizen, adding, “I am not married to an American and so this is not possible.”

Recently, similar document was released on the son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Mr. Robert Sirleaf claiming that he is an American citizen thus, resulting to serious public debate. Some political observers have described the release of these latest documents on Mr. Weah and Dillon as a scheme and have no magnitude.

While others said they cannot doubt the information on the CDC political leader as he has lived out of the country for many years, especially during the heat of the Liberian civil crisis, other Liberians further argued that Mr. Weah who revealed his political ambition before 2013 could not possibly obtain an American Passport just last year, 2013 to jeopardize his chances.