Youth Group Calls For Transparency

The Executive director of the United Youth For Peace Education Transparency and Development UYPETDL for short Mr. Timothy Kpeh said the over goal of the project in the counties is to Promote Transparency, Social Accountability and Good Governance in Margibi, Grand Bassa and Rivercess Counties Finance System.

Mr. Kpeh said the project will provide information to enhance budget decision making processes in targeted counties.

He also added that public expenditure tracking at the national and sub-national level to promote the participation of citizens in budget processesin other communities as well.

The Executive Director further that it is important to educate communities dweller on all aspects of Public Financial Management (PFM) at local government level monitor 95% County Development Funds project in rural targeted counties and report on he said.

Also speaking at the one day project presentation in Margibi, and Grand Bassa Counties was James S. Davis, non- state actor’s coordinator Ministry Of finance said the aim of the project is to empower youth organizations and women groups in the county to help local official monitor Government projects and folly participate in budged.

Mr. Davis furthered that the important of the project is to ensure that government helps local organization and work with citizen in the country.

He further that government will work in line with communities’ leaders, local organization and to improve founded for to keep the communities project going on.

Mr. Davis, the non- state actor’s coordinator Ministry Of finance said the grant to empower youthful organizations because the government is work in some community.

He stressed those Communities members who demandtheir public officials and lawmakers to abide by the Public Financial Management System at the district and county level that they are right to know the status in the communities smooth cooperation between the National Government through the Ministry of Finance and that of Local authorities within the target counties in getting progress report and the

Cordial working, relationship between the county Authorities and Legislative Caucus on the usage of county and Social Development Fund as well he added.

Mr. Davis disclosed that those targeted counties are well informed of public expenditure and hold their county officials accountable for misapplication of public funds with specific focus on Social and County Development Funds.

In closingJames S. Davis, the non- state actor’s coordinator Ministry Of finance said the aim of the government is to provide founded for youth groups, local organizations, and communities leaders to for the development of the country.