Ranny Jackson Resigns Dep. Minister Post For Election

This paper has received credible information that former Bong County Superintendent Ranney Jackson is using all of his falsehoods to buy sympathy from officials in government and the Unity Party to over-turn the result of the recent Unity Party primary held in Gbarnga, Bong County.

Former Superintendent Jackson is using Bong County Representative Corpue Barclay to exercise her influence and create false scenes of the primary over UP officials to either over-turn the decision of the primary or influence a re-run of the election for the party Senatorial Candidate.

Jackson has been claiming that a few delegates who should have voted for him were conspicuously absent and delegates from Monrovia should have not been part of the official delegates to vote, a policy that was adopted by the party and used in all the counties where primaries were held. For this reason, he could not win, he therefore stage a walk-out at the peak of the primary held recently. His point of contention was the absence of City Mayor Esther Wobbie and Rev. James Fomgbeh among others.

The process continued with Dr. Henrique Tokpa being the only candidate and was voted by 14 of the 21 delegates present.

After resigning his post as Deputy Minister for Operations at the Ministry of Internal affairs a day to the primary (letter of resignation attached), a letter which he distributed in the primary hall in line with the mandate of the president, Ranney Jackson has resurfaced at the Ministry in his position and also Acting Minister.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf announced a few years ago, officials of the government of the ruling Unity Party wishing to contest elected position must resign their positions- something that has affected all government officials participating in elections, has now been violated by Ranney Jackson.

Many partisans of the UP interviewed by this paper wondered why would the party and the president reneged on the policy that has worked so well in past time and now choose to bend such policy. This decision by the party hierarchy has not been experienced in the party since such policy came into force.

They also wondered as to what so special about former Superintendent Jackson among the hierarch of the party, when he (Ranney Jackson, had contested the Senate on two occasions (2005 and 2011 and miserably failed on the ticket of the Unity party.

He contested the same position 2005 while serving as member of the National Transitional Assembly from 2003 to 2006 (January) and contested again in 2011 while serving as Superintendent of Bong County. Many have attributed his failure to win on the ticket of the UP to his very poor human relations and corrupt attitudes while serving as Superintendent of Bong County.

While serving in parliament, Jewel Howard Taylor and Franklin Siakor whipped him, while an administrative staff in the office of former Deputy Speaker TokpaMulbah beat him after serving as superintendent for Bong County for six years. Senator Henry Yallah came into to the picture just two months to the election and won him.

The partisans are worried that the noise he caused against Liberian’s ambassador to the USA, Jeremiah Sulonteh in 2011 and lost the election is the same he is causing against the victory of Dr. Henrique FlomoTokpa.

He is accused of conniving with scrap companies to sell several pieces of broken-down yellow machines in Gbalatuah and Jorwah towns in Zota and Panta Districts without any reference to Commissioners and Paramount Chiefs of the Districts- an action which soured his relationship with the people of Zota and Panta.

The partisans who spoke with this paper said the people of Fuamah are very ferious to hear the name Ranney because of the $149,000USD meant for the Bongmines road project that was never accounted for and road was never touched.

They believe that the party will make a very bad mistake if they temper with the committee report from Bong to change the result of the primary.