We Demand Thorough Investigation

RECENTLY, SOME AGGRIEVED citizens of Zolowee and Gbaarpar in District #2 in Nimba County staged a protest march in demand of several things, but the protest turned violent with the premises of Mittal Steel in Zolowee and Gbaarpar looted.

AS THE SAYING goes, violence does not solve any problem; it only fuels tension and brings about destruction, where people go at loggerhead with one another.

THE RECENT ACTION of the citizens in Zolowee and Gbaarpar should not only be investigated like business as usual, but let relevant authorities take keenly if anyone instigated the demonstration.

LET NOT THE situation in Nimba be left to Gio and Mano people thing or something to joke about. We call on every Liberian to be resolved in ensuring that the Nimba incident is fully investigated and that those involved be prosecuted accordingly.

THERE IS AN ancient adage that says where there is smoke; there is fire; that is why we want the recent violent situation to be thoroughly investigated. Let us not only investigate the past situation but the root cause of it to avoid any recurrence of this unfortunate situation.

WE ALSO CONCUR with Lands, Mines and Energy Minister, Patrick Sandolo and the Executive Vice President of Arcelor Mittal, Mr. Bill Scotting that the best solution in addressing this situation is to constructively engage the community inhabitants; work with them so as to move forward with development in our country that is just emerging from years of conflict.

AGAIN, LET THE government probe the recent ugly incident that led to the destruction of millions of dollars’ worth of properties. Furthermore, let Arcelor Mittal begin to engage the communities in which it operates for the purpose of cohesiveness and the betterment of both the company and the communities and for the overall development of Mama Liberia.