“Do Not Settle For A ‘B’,But Rather For An ‘A’…Pastor Reeves Urges Graduates

“Do Not Settle For A 'B',But Rather For An 'A’…Pastor Reeves Urges Graduates

By Varney K. Sirleaf

“See Education as the word of life”. Those were the words of Pastor Shadrach A. Reeves when he served as Guest Speaker for the Kingdom Kids Foundation School in Brewerville.

Pastor Reeves in his speech told the graduates that they were all worth more than a ‘B’; therefore they should always push forward for an ‘A’ in their academic quest.

The man of God further stated that an ‘A’ student will always take his or her assignments seriously and will not spy from their friends during test. He said, “If you work and study hard you will succeed in your academic sojourn.”

He called on the parents to work hard to support their children in school. He also congratulated the graduates and urged them to continue their quest for higher education.

For his part, the Representative of District number 17, William V. Daikeh, lamented on tuition hike by schools with poor learning facilities being provided.

He said he has introduced a bill to the National Legislature that will seek to address some of the ills in the educational sector like the arbitrary increment of tuitions by proprietors of schools, the welfare of teachers and a better learning environment amongst others.

Rep. Daikeh further said that it is the responsibility of government to provide compulsory free primary education for all children in the country, but thanks the proprietor and founder of the Kingdom Kids Foundation for buttressing government’s effort.

The District 17 lawmaker provided a one year scholarship for each of the duxes from both K II and Grade 6 respectively.

Meanwhile, the proprietor of the school, Mr. Othello Jaetor gave an overview of the inception of the school. He said at the end of last academic school year, they decided to run a vacation school in the community which they did.

According to him, from the performance of the children that went through the vacation school program, the parents and community members asked them to continue with a regular school for their children.

“This is how the establishment of this school came about,” he explained.

Mr. Jaetor is also appealing to the United Nations, International and Local NGOs, humanitarians, President Sirleaf, Speaker Tyler, other government officials to help improve the structure of the school for a better learning environment for the children, stating ‘these children are the future of Liberia, therefore they too deserve a better and improved learning environment.

In his concluding statement, Mr. Jaetor called on the government and stakeholders in the educational sector to pay more attention to early childhood education; he said in doing so, the children will have good foundation which will help them in their quest for higher education.