“There Was Nothing Premeditated”…Dep. Police Boss Rejects Report

Deputy Police Director for operations Abraham Kromah says the recent incident between him and Journalist Octavin Williams was never premeditated, neither was it orchestrated against any Journalist.

Mr. Kromah said he remains a friendly character with all professionals, including Journalists, but when it comes to the organic laws of Liberia, he is under oath to protect and enforce it at all time.

Col. Kromah said his friendship with any one should not be misconstrued as a recipe to undermine the laws of Liberia because it protects all Citizen and Foreign residents alike.

He said law enforcers are not public admirer, especially when the law being enforced are not to their liking but he wants Liberians to understand that there can be no democracy in the absence of Justice for all.

He said the isolated incident between him and his Student, Journalist Octavin William should not been seen as an attack against the watch Dogs, who are performing their professional duties, something acceptable in any democratic Society, Liberia being no exception.

He said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has always maintained that there can be true democracy without a vibrant media and they as Paw enforcers, they are cognizant of these principles.

I have three Masters coupled with international recognitions; I am abreast of all these democratic principles.

I hold journalists in high esteemed and will do nothing to breach their functions, let,s remember we are all guided by the law.