Concerned UP Partisans Complain Of Abandonment

Some concerned partisans of the ruling Unity Party have complained about being abandoned by the First Partisan of the party, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

In a recent press statement, under the banner, Concerned Unity Party Partisans (CUPP) while addressing issues affecting the UP said they have identified problems the party and its members are faced with something which has compelled them to address.

CUPP in its statement said since 2011 elections, the first partisan seemed to have abandoned and neglected the Party. The group noted, “The First Partisan who is also head of Party and head of government has decided not to deal with the party and partisans. The role of the party in government is minimal or negligible,” the group added.

As concern partisans according to CUPP through its leadership headed by Mr. Emmanuel Freeman, Secretary and Mr. Alphonso F. Massawalla Chairman, they are tired of bearing the daily scorn, ridicule, and disgrace from members of the public and partisans of other parties. CUPP furthered, “There is no justification that a party having won elections and its partisans left outside governance. Indeed, today Unity partisans have been treated as outsiders in the governance of the state.”

The concerned partisans said they are embittered and resentful by the abandonment and sidelining of partisans. They added, “We would like to state emphatically that we are seriously disappointed by the insensitivity and thoughtlessness of the First Partisan and executives of the Party to the plight of the partisans.

“Most disappointedly, and of grievous injury to the dignity of partisans across board is the common insinuation that Mr. Robert Sirleaf won the presidency for our First Partisan. This is an act of ingratitude to the thousands of men and women of the Unity Party who worked for the election of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,” CUPP said.

Among other things, CUPP called on the First Partisan, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and executives of the Party to tender an apology to all partisans of the Unity Party and also change course in order to reunite the partisans. “They must do it for the greater good of the Party and her legacy hereafter,” CUPP noted.

They stated further that the situation at hand has crossed all bounds and soured relationship between the First Partisan and of the down-trodden who were the front liners in the struggle for the Party to ascend to state power.

They then cautioned the Party leadership to speedily adhere to their call if it means well for the 2014 senatorial election and the2017 general and presidential elections.

CUPP said it intends to embark on a serious sensitization campaign to highlight the affairs in the Party. It further stated that a nationwide consciousness and mobilization campaign of all Unity Party Partisans to support the cause will be undertaken.