“Changing Minds; Changing Attitudes”….. A Way Forward For Liberia

As a government, people and country, we collectively have some very serious problems.

The Executive has clearly demonstrated sheer lack of will and courage to fight corruption…. especially when it involves certain ‘golden’ individuals. DISAPPOINTING!

The President of Liberia herself continues to keep “non-performing” and “incompetent” appointed officials on their jobs mainly because of “friendship” or “sympathy” in some instances. This is hurting the national development agenda. SICKENING!

The Legislature is so “rubber-stamped”, self-seeking and grossly corrupt to the point it lacks courage and any moral standing to even check-mate the Executive. That body…. for obvious reasons has not submitted to any FINANCIAL and SYSTEMS AUDIT since 2006. VERY DISGUSTING!

The Judiciary continues to fail the confidence of the people so much so that it cannot even uphold its own Motto that says…. “Let Justice Be Done To All”. FRUSTRATING!

For we the people….. until we change the way we do things against our common good, the things we are doing will never change. We cannot keep doing the same thing over and over, yet expect different results and then blame others. It is defined as INSANITY.

For political or whatever obvious reasons, the people disbelieve almost everything our government says to the point some insist there is no EBOLA in Liberia….. even whilst we see people dying everyday from this killer and incurable virus. SAD!

Honestly, it is about time the entire Government must, as a national priority, begin to take practical steps to restore the hopes and confidence of the people again by making good on those realistic and realizable PROMISES made to the people (i.e. jobs, safe drinking water, restoration of electricity, sound healthcare, quality education, better roads, etc).

Remember….. “In union strong, success is sure”.

AB Darius Dillon


Liberty Party