St. Paul River Bank Grand Chief Frowns On Injustice In Liberia

By Melissa Chea-Annan

The Grand Worthy President of the St. Paul River Bank Grand Commander Knight of St. John International, Brig. Gen. Andrew N. Nimely, has frowned on what he termed as ‘injustice’ throughout the country.

Though he didn’t cite instances of injustices in the country, Brig. Gen. Nimely called on the church to reflect on true justice in decision making, since the church is being seen as the conscience of society.

Brig. Gen. Nimely who spoke at the occasion marking the celebration of the St. John Feast Day over the weekend in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, pointed out that the church must seek a path to lead its people by examples and also focus on means to build good leaderships. He said the church members must shine so that unbelievers of the gospel would be saved by their good examples.

The St. Paul River Bank Grand Chief observed that there are too many injustices in every sector of the society and the church must put aside the spirit of arrogance and serve its people instead of hurting them, adding “When you display arrogance, it will reflect badly on you. We are called to serve and not to hurt people.”

According to him, the church should focus on justice because on the fundamental issue of justice, the church needs Justice within its auxiliary, while justice has to also be reflected in the homes, communities and as well as the state.

Brig. Gen. Nimely said for the past two years, his leadership has encountered lots of challenges, but in spite of these challenging financial situations, they are doing all things within their range to move forward in making progress, especially with their charity program.

Brig. Gen. Nimely who expressed satisfaction for the good working relations he has established with other churches and organizations also pleaded with the church to hold together if it must succeed in achieving its goals.

“Though there are challenges, we are trying our best to move forward. We have also had a good working relation with our sister. What is important in our church is that, he who is not against us is for us,” Brig. Gen. Nimely stated.

According to him, it is time that the church seeks the path to lead the people and begin to think on means to build forces, not based on ideological line but based on the line of faith and common good for the people.

Brig. Gen. Nimely said “We must begin to show leadership among our people, in our homes, offices and every nuke of this society, and if we serve with humanity it will be good but if your life can not reflect the glory of God for people to see, everything you do will be in vain.