NOFOL Wants Budgetary Allotment For Old Folks

The National Old Folks of Liberia has called on the government of Liberia through the Ministry of health & Social Welfare to allot portion of the National Budget to the welfare of old people in the country.

The group wants government allots special budget to support the works of organizations that are established to meet the physical and spiritual needs of old folks throughout the country. NOFOL is an organization established to advocate, train, teach and cater to the welfare of disadvantaged old people who have reached their golden age but abandoned by their relatives.

In an exclusive interview over the weekend, NOFOL Board Chairman Augustus Fahnbulleh disclosed that the group is moving into the thirteen political subdivisions of Liberia to establish its headquarters for disadvantaged old folks where their needs will be met by NOFOL with assistance from partners.

Mr. Fahnbulleh said NOFOL has divided Liberia into three regions. He said the main headquarters is in Monrovia with sub-offices in the political capitals of the three regions. The regions include the Western, Southeastern and Central regions. The headquarters of the western region will be in Bimi, Gbarnga for the Central region and the southeastern region’s headquarters will be in Grand Gedeh County.

Mr. Fahnbulleh said NOFOL will begin an assessment in the three regions to acquaint itself with the number and need of old people in the region. The organization called on the Ministry of Health to identify health facilities in the three regions where the old folks will be taken of in terms of medication and other needs.

The NOFOL Board Chairman also wants the health Ministry to collaborate with his organization in ensuring that the old people are given good care and trained in various disciplines to enable them contribute positively to society. He added that being old does not in any way means that you cannot contribute to society.

Fahnbulleh called on the Liberian Government to do more in providing for the old folks as they can still do something to help in the overall development of the country. He said government has a greater responsibility to its disadvantaged old people and therefore, must not renege on such responsibility. He wants government to empower organizations that are advocating for the welfares of the old folks to enable them carry on such responsibility.

NOFOL has beguns the cultivation of several farmlands in the country with a large cassava farm in Suen-Mecca, Bomi County. The cassava is now ready for harvesting, NOFOL Executive Director MomoBainda disclosed.

NOFOL over the weekend observed its third anniversary at its National Headquarters in Barnesville Estate. During the observance of its anniversary, NOFOL provided some hot meals to hundreds of old folks in Barnesville and its surroundings.