Curtailing Ebola Through Holistic Approaches

FEW DAYS AGO we carried an editorial, captioned: “INTENSIFYING MEASURES AGAINST EBOLA” in which we among other things called on the authorities to intensify efforts to create more awareness about the existence of the deadly disease.

THE EDITORIAL AT the time came against the background from information by the Health Ministry that the epidemic is still active in the country and called on Liberians to take preventive measures in curtailing further spread of the virus.

IN THAT EDITORIAL published June 16, we began by thanking the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for the first step it took in creating a massive awareness from the initial stage when the case of the deadly Ebola was first reported in Liberia. We also urged it to continue its awareness throughout the length and breadth of this nation.

EQUALLY, WE CALLED on Liberians to believe that this disease exists and stop playing ‘Doubting Thomases’ and avoid being in this denial stage over the existence of this deadly disease. Liberians must abide by measures announced by the Ministry.

TODAY, WE ARE constrained to reinforce this editorial because of disbeliefs by some Liberians about the existence of this deadly disease. Even with the news that it is gradually spreading, with reports of new cases, there are some skeptics and cynics who still feel that this is all about “money eating” scheme designed by some officials of government at the expense of the people, as they feel that Ebola does not exist in this country.

FOR US, WE are convinced based on the information being given by the Ministry which has statutory mandate on health matters, that indeed, this deadly disease indeed exits in this country and that to doubt its existence is only suicidal. Latest figures show that there are 88 cases, with 49 deaths.

PARTICULARLY, THERE IS a case in which the family of a lady who reportedly died of the disease is claiming that Ebola is not the case for their relative’s death. Besides, there are instances of people because of their doubt, refusing to take victims to hospitals, rather, prefer to keep them home.

WHATEVER THE SITUATION, we call on the Ministry not to be deterred by these ‘doubting Thomases’ by continuing to carry out its awareness and preventive measures to avoid the spread of this deadly disease.

WITH SUCH CONTINUOUS awareness, we feel that these ‘doubting Thomases’ would come to the reality of the existence of the disease, as curtailing this must be done holistically, with both the government and the people.

AS WE EMPHATICALLY stated in our previous editorial on this matter, “prevention is better than cure.” Hence, Liberians must take this seriously and avoid denying its existence or making mockery of it when it continues to claim the lives of loved ones, relatives and friends. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.