Lawmaker Attributes Corruption To Lack Of Integrity

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Amidst the level of corruption in the society, Montserrado County District # 3 Representative, Bill Twehway, says lack of integrity in individuals including government officials has contributed to the already existing corruption in the country.

In order to reduce, or mitigate corruption in the country, Rep. Twehway believes that parents, guardians, teachers, students, officials in government, lawyers, business people etc must have high level of integrity whenever they are called to serve in any capacity either in the public or private sector.

The Montserrado County lawmaker made these remarks during the weekend when he served as keynote speaker at the graduation exercise of the Revival AGM High School and Paynesville Central Academy (PCA) outside Monrovia.

About 137 students graduated from the PCA school while 89 others graduated from the Revival AGM School respectively.

Speaking on the role of parents, guardians, school administrators, students, government officials in mitigating or eradicating corruption in the country, Rep. Twehway asserted that parents or guardians should take the lead to stop facilitating bribery among teachers and students.

Beginning with parents and guardians for example, Rep. Twehway alleged that there are parents who willingly give their child/children money to induce teachers for passing grades.

He warned that in order to lessen corruption, parents and guardians should put a halt to such bad habit.

As for the teachers, the lawmaker cautioned them to stop soliciting money from the students for grades and prepare them for a brighter future.

He added that if teachers continue to receive money from students in exchange for grades, it means the students themselves are mortgaging their life and bringing to birth corruption in the society.

“The future lies in education. Students, if you bribe a teacher, it means you are bringing disgrace to yourself, family, and your country.

The only way we can reduce corruption is that we should desist from bribery and study our lessons well,” Rep. Twehway said.

Touching on school administrators, Rep. Twehway frowned on the increase of tuitions and paying less to teachers who are doing the sacrificial work.

Twehway, who served as Assistant Minister for Test Books and Curriculum at the Ministry of Education during the first regime of President Sirleaf wants the citizenry to begin looking at integrity in individuals before selecting them to public offices.

“To employ us in government; check us for integrity, honesty and not just the degree we possess,” the Montserrado County lawmaker asserted.