Potholes Taking Over Monrovia Streets…As Group Takes Issue With Ellen

By Melissa Chea-Annan

There is mounting concern amongst commuters and drivers about potholes in several parts of the city and its environs.

The rainy season has worsened the situation to the extent that drivers, who often bump into these holes that are being covered with water, result into damaging their vehicles. On the other hand, some of the drivers who try to escape these potholes partly drive their vehicles on the sidewalks, thereby creating more problems for pedestrians who are compelled to get off their paths.

Some of the citizens have complained that they are going through these difficult situations due to the failure of the Ministry of Public Works to execute its duty, while others believe that the Liberian Government should be held liable due to President Ellen Johnson’s failure to fulfill a promise she made during her recent nationwide address.

In January this year, President Sirleaf assured the people that the reconstruction and the upgrading of the Somalia Drive would have begun in February this year, but nothing has been done, though it has been reported that the Minister of Public Works, Antoinette is responsible for the delay.

Meanwhile, a group under the banner Citizens United to Promote Peace and Democracy in Liberia (CUPPADL) has expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf continues to take side with Public Works Minister, Antoinette Weeks despite her failure to perform but enjoys a monthly salary of US$16,000, excluding other benefits.

The National Executive Director of CUPPADL, Prince D. Kreplah, stated on Monday that President Sirleaf should desist and withdraw her continuous support for Minister Weeks who he referred to as “a failed and arrogant Minister.”

Mr. Kreplah said that President Sirleaf should dismiss Minister Weeks for conflict of interest, and violation of the laws of Liberia, something he believes would send a clear signal that no one is above the laws, even if such person is shielded by the President.

Mr. Kreplah pointed out that the manner in which President Sirleaf has taken side with Minister Weeks has questioned the commitment to the development of the country. He said the President has failed to live up to her promise in which she assured the country in her annual message that the Somalia Drive road project would have started in February this year.

The CUPPADL boss further stated that they were disappointed when President Sirleaf openly asked the nation to give Minister Weeks a chance to do her work. He insisted that Minister Weeks be turned over to the LACC, GAC and PPCC for various violations she has admitted to recently during separate hearings at the legislative branch of Government.

According to CUPPADL, Minister Weeks has arrogantly rejected rulings by the Civil Service Agency and she continues to openly insult ordinary workers. The group pointed out that Minister Weeks may be an obstacle to the up-coming Independence Day celebration in the southeast due to her inability to properly plan, network and perform her duty.

CUPPADL boss has also called on the Legislature to act to save the country by expressing a ‘vote of no confidence’ in Minister Weeks.