Kailondo Brings In Petroleum Products

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

A Liberian businessman, George B. Kailondo, has imported one million seven hundred thousand gallons of mixed petroleum products to ease the scarcity of petroleum in the country.

Mr. Kailondo said that Liberians are capable of doing whatever foreigners are involved in but the only obstacle is that opportunities are not given to them. He also said that after he had constructed gas stations so that he would later become an importer, he found it so difficult.

He stated that it is time for Liberians to take the initiative of taking their country’s economy into their own hands to assist in boosting the country’s economy.

However, he expressed regret that there are lots of Liberians who do not want to see other Liberians prosper. “I remember when I wanted to become an importer when the then LPRC Managing Director, Harry Greaves told me that petroleum business is not for a small boy like you,”Kailondo stated.

Mr. Kailondo added that in life one has to be patient when taking a positive step because there will be lots of blackmailing, intimidation, and lots of things to make one think that he or she cannot make it to the top, but that people should always believe that they are capable to succeed.

He said further that if the Legislative and the Executive Branches can give Liberian business people every support, they would meet the expectation of the people. He noted that if things are done the rightful way the money will remain right here with Liberians.

He said, “I am appealing to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) to come to the rescue of importers, and be truthful in its regulation of prices so that petroleum products would be sold in line with what was set by the LPRC, and it is a challenge to Minister Addy to make sure that no one plays some corrupt games.”