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Trouble At Finance

Some employees of the Ministries of Finance and Planning are staging a protest action in demand of their legitimate compensation as they are expected to be redundant in the face of the amalgamation of the two ministries.

According to some of the employees they were told by Minister Konneh that employees that are being downsized will be paid US$5,000. The employees said that that was unfair considering the number of years some of them have worked at those ministries.

An employee of the Ministry of Finance (name withheld) said there are some employees who had worked for over 10 years and others less than that.

He said it is not fair for employees who have worked for over ten years be paid the same amount as the others who have worked for two to three years.

This came about the merger of the Ministries of Finance and Planning and Economic Affairs. Employees of the two Ministries are complaining that the money is very small for the time they had worked.

Others are saying that the unemployment rate is very high in Liberia and Minister Konneh is trying to increase the number of unemployment. Employees of the two Ministries are saying they will continue to strike until President Sirleaf can do something about the situation.

One employee who was very angry said Minister Konneh is trying to get people he favors to replace them in the Ministrythat is why he is joining the two Ministries to downsize employees and bring in his people.

Our reporter who visited the ministry yesterday’s protest action observed that the protest has paralyzed normal activities at the ministry as the employees have vowed not to work until the minister accepts their demand for better compensation.

Meanwhile, police officers have been invited to provide security as the protest action is expected to continue today.



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