Liberian Group Commends Paynesville City Mayor

A Liberia Professional Service Provider (PSP) has commended Paynesville City Mayor Cyvette Gibson for her transformational initiatives being carried out in that city.

In a letter to Mayor Gibson, the president of MADALA, Incorporated, Mr. Varlee Sanor said over time he has noticed with keen interest since her take over as Mayor of Paynesville City Corporation (PCC), she has been able to tremendously bring a dramatic change to the Paynesville City, especially with the beautiful landscaping of the ELWA Junction, the gateway to the Capital City of Monrovia.

Mr. Sanor informed Mayor Gibson that her exemplary record of hard work is making an impact on the lives of majority of the residents of Paynesville City. This, he said, is evidenced by the numerous structural improvements that the Mayor is undertaking within the municipality of Paynesville.

The President of MADALA, Incorporated which is a professional service oriented business said Paynesville Mayor’s recent “free health fair,” where PCC partnered with medical facilities in the city to provide free preventive care and medical screening; as well as the introduction of a scheme, first of it kind in Paynesville or perhaps in Liberia, known as “buy your own dirt,” where residents of Paynesville would bring their own garbage and PCC   paid for them were remarkable.

He said in the communication that the innovative ideas introduced by Mayor Gibson as a way of keeping Paynesville City clean, and as a classical way to equally put money into the pockets of some community dwellers was outstandingly commendable.

Mr. Sanor said Mayor Gibson she has shown a passionate interest in the people of Paynesville, as such, it points to the fact that she is a warm-hearted character having a deep sense of commitment to improving the lives of the citizenry of the sprawling Paynesville City.

As an inhabitant of Paynesville, Mr. Sanor said it behooves him to use the chance to thank President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for her farsightedness to have appointed Cyvette Gibson as Mayor of Paynesville City Corporation (PCC).

He encouraged the Mayor to keep up with her “charge of responsibilities,” which are being noticed by residents and commuters who are passing through the beautiful City of Paynesville, on a daily basis.

Mr. Sanor pointed out to the Mayor that he would be making series of calls on his law maker of District # 6, Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, to plea with him to strongly lobby with his colleagues in the National Legislature for that august body to see the need of increasing the budgetary allotment to the Paynesville City Corporation.