Health Takes Measures To Protect Workers From Ebola

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has instituted several safety measures to prevent health workers from exposure to the Ebola virus at various health facilities throughout the country.

The measures come in the wake of reports that some health workers are NOT adhering to infection control measures in handling patients, especially those suspected of being infected with Ebola.

Some of the measures include the use of protective clothing when attending to patients suspected of Ebola or have signs and symptoms of the disease; identification of temporary isolation room for any patient suspected of the disease before referral can be made to the Ebola Isolation Center.

Health facilities are also requested to carry out orientation for all staff on Ebola Prevention, and train clinical staff on the management of Ebola or suspected Ebola patients.

The MOHSW is strongly requesting the public to ensure that deaths occurring at homes or in clinics without being certificated by a licensed medical doctor must be confirmed by the County Health Teams or the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare which will issue a death certificate and clearance before burial can take place.

Health facilities are also requested NOT to refuse any patient, who presents Ebola-like signs and symptoms, but should properly assess and make referral appropriately.

Health workers are urged to carry out hygiene promotion infection control and sensitization in health facilities for all clinical and support staff.

As of June 23, ten new cases and 3 new deaths were reported, bringing the total cumulative confirmed, suspected, and probable deaths to 28. Total confirmed cases stood at 19.

Meanwhile, a hotline has been established at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare where the public can call to get Ebola-related information. The number is 0886229641.