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GYAC Wants Former Gender Minister Dismissed, Prosecuted

The Liberian Chapter of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network an international anti-corruption and integrity institution established by the World Bank Institute in 2009, has made the latest call for the immediate dismissal and subsequent prosecution of Madam Varbah Glayflor Director of Cabinet, Republic of Liberia for corruption while serving as Minister of Gender & Development.

According to the international anti-corruption youth group the recent recommendation by the Public Account Committee of the National Legislature calling for the former Gender Minister to restitute funds misappropriated and unaccounted for while serving as Minister of Gender & Development is welcome but GYAC-Liberia believe that corruption increases if corrupt practices are not punish and the prosecution of Madam Varbah Glayflor is vital to the professed war against corruption.

Speaking in Monrovia recently, GYAC-Liberia National Coordinator, James Koryor stated that the current situation in the country is sadden, regrettable and worrisome stating that the recent global human development report ranking Liberia amongst the poorest nation on the planet evidently justified the Transparency International 2013 corruption perception report .

Mr. James Koryor furthered stressed that the problem in Liberia is not about framework or policies to combat corruption, but rather the lack of integrity, nationalism and insincerity by those who manages the wealth of the country.

The youth advocate also asserted that the challenge for government is to meet this demand and regain trust in their management of the public good and transparency is essential to maintaining public trust in the government and public service.

The youth advocate furthered stressed that with millions of dollars been   spent by the United States, European Union and other friendly countries to improves the living conditions of poverty stricken Liberians, the government has failed to properly managed these donor funded initiatives least to say   that millions have be wasted on local development projects with not even 30% of all projects under the County Development Fund manage by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and local government officials being fully realized.

GYAC-Liberia is at the same time calling for an immediate establishment of a fast track court in an effort to end impunity stressing that the lack of a fast track corruption court, the failure of the Ministry of Justice to prosecute who be corrupt officials and the dismantling of the General Auditing Commission have proven that the Government of Liberia is not interested in improving the lives of her   citizens by fighting against corruption.



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