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2 Arrested For Several Alleged Rape Incidents

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested two men for allegedly raping several young girls between the ages of six and sixteen. They are Alvin Garway and Macintosh Johnson. Suspect Garway 24, of the Soul Clinic Community was identified by several young girls between the ages of six and eight as the alleged rapist of the girls.

According to information, Garway’s last victim, a six- year old girl led investigators to the perpetrator when she was found bloody, around the Diamond Creek area by a resident.

According to police report, when the little victim went out to urinate, the suspect abducted her and allegedly raped her several times before dumping her body not far from her house that same evening.

The young victim was able to describe suspect Garway’s teeth and marks on his face. She also said that the man who raped her visited a neighborhood cook shop where many persons knew him.

The second alleged rapist, 34-year old Johnson was identified by 10 victims between the ages of thirteen and sixteen who were victimized after the defendant recruited them into a scholarship program beginning 2009 to 2010.

According to them during and after the recruitment process, the defendant had been having sexual intercourse with them at his residence in West Point, on the More Than Me Academy Compound.

During police preliminary investigation with defendant Johnson in the presence of his lawyer, he denied the allegation of having sexual intercourse with any of the victims. He further explained that the victims entered his room on many occasions and sometimes slept in his room with Kartie, an American lady and founder of the school and that it was only one night while he slept out of his room.

The accused are presently in custody at the LNP headquarters in Monrovia awaiting court trial.



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