“Gender sympathy is impeding Liberia’s progress under President Sirleaf”…Mr. Fallah Charges

A US-based Liberian financial, software systems, management, leadership and public policy expert, Mr. Austin S. Fallah, has called on the international community to hold President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf accountable for the downward trend in the socioeconomic conditions of Liberia like it would hold a male leader answerable if he fails to implement the people’s mandate.

Mr. Fallah said the free-pass the international community continues to give to Ellen has emboldened her to ignore the plight of the suffering masses of Liberia.

Speaking to reporters right after he received his Master in Public Administration (Public Policy-Research) Degree from the Prestigious Hamline University in Minnesota, Mr. Fallah said the international community has shown a different approach when it comes to dealing with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on many issues such as corruption, violation of press freedom, free speech and among others.

Mr. Fallah who has so far earned five degrees in various disciplines, including economics, software systems, business administration, finance, among others, wondered, “if a male president would have been in power, is this how the international community would have treated him?”

Mr. Fallah said Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government continues to have a “very easy path” with the international community’s money, adding, “there are proven facts according to her own public statements and those of her cabinet members that her administration is corrupt, but not one reputable organization within the international community has asked her to step down, even with all the cries from the Liberian people calling on her to step down.”

Fallah, who has various undergraduates and graduate advance degrees in various disciplines from prestigious universities in the United States, said President Ellen Johnson, continues to sit there supinely while some of her officials loot the resources of Liberia at the detriment of the suffering Liberian people. “Liberians continue to see their nation being dragged down into more poverty than ever before by those who once said that they were the true liberators or patriots of their people”, Mr. Fallah sounded.

Mr. Fallah said there are all indications that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government has falling from grace to economic maladroitness with countries that once gave her millions, if not billions of dollars to improve the lives of the Liberian people from the dugongs to better lives but have failed to do so and have now turned to the countries of the Middle East that she once condemned with another traipse to support her government corrupt empire, since some countries that once supported her budget has found out that her government is politically immature and lacks administrative and leadership skills to lead. This has now brought about budget-short falls, because there is no more budget support from them that can be mismanaged at the detriment of those for whom the money should be used.

Mr. Fallah said “eventhough Liberians are weary of war, but they will continue to fight for social and economic justice until their lives can be restored to economic independence. He said, those who continue to loot Liberia resources and building those fabulous homes and gigantic accounts should keep every receipt as to where those funds are coming from. “You will never escape the wrath of the Liberian people after 2017. You will be made to account before a competent court of jurisdiction for all the crimes against the Liberian people.”   “You can be in your grave we will come after you and you will account to the Liberian people.”

Mr. Fallah said “anyone who sat in any room in the United States or another part of the world, and contributed $10.00, $10,000 or gave a verbal advised to destroy and reduced the Liberian people to the lowest amongst the human race will be made to account.” “You can run under your parents’ bed we get you and bring you to justice.” “Day one of the newly (2017) elected government will be to negotiate and sign a forceful and implementable extradition treaty with the UN Security Council, ECOWAS, AU and all regional organizations and world organizations to ensure that Ellen Johnson and her cliques are brought back to Liberia to face justice for all the crimes they are committing against the Liberian people.

Speaking further, he assured Liberians of a better future comes 2017 and beyond, because, according to him, “there are true, strict and patriotic Liberians in the making for 2017, and called on Liberians/fellow countrymen to open their eyes and make the right choices during the upcoming mid-term elections. Mr. Fallah said “those who have come forward to seek employments from the Liberian people must be true nationalists and must assure the Liberian people that they will not engage in acts that will bring disgrace not only to their families, but to the nation and the human race as a whole and bring Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and criminal empire to justice.”