“Determination Prepares One To Success”—Commencement Speaker Tells Graduates

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The Property Manager of Bridge Harbor Height in New York, United States of America (USA), Mr. K. Advertu Karpeh says determination prepares one to success and it enables him or her to contribute to national development and growth.

Speaking at the 5th graduation ceremony of the Trinity United Methodist High School in New Kru Town, Mr. Karpeh disclosed that if an individual is determined and focuses on the learning process, no matter the circumstances or difficulties, he or she is bound to succeed.

Mr. Karpeh told the graduates to be vigilant, determined and remain focused because the road to success is not easy. “ You have now acquired some knowledge, but what matters is to utilize what you have achieved over the years for the good of yourself and the society,” Mr. Karpeh stated.

“As you are leaving the Trinity United Methodist High School, see this opportunity as beginning to achieve greater education and do not be complacent with what you have achieved today; the road is tedious and strenuous but with determination, you will definitely make it, “Mr. Karpeh admonished the graduates.

Mr. Karpeh averred that it is an open secret that Liberia is lagging behind and it will take people like you graduates to help and transform it for better but it can be done if future leaders avoid educational malpractices such as buying grades, paying for flexibility fees to engage in unwholesome acts during public exams, as well as lack of discipline.

Furthermore, Mr. Karpeh admonished graduates to join the campaign in the country and speak out against corruption, nepotism, selfishness, sycophancy, deceit and hypocrisy, and Liberia will not move forward if these negative vices are continue to permeate in every fabrics of the society.