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S/Leonean Here For Open Budget Initiative

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

A three-man Sierra Leonean delegation from the Ministry of Finance and Economic and the ITC Department is in the country as guests of the Ministry of Finance.

The delegation headed by Mr. Amadu Sidi Bah, Head of Non-State Actor of the Ministry of Finance and Economic of Sierra Leone is in the country to acquaint itself with the Liberia Government’s Open Budget Initiative, a process that enables citizens of Liberia to understand and know how money from the country’s natural resources and other sources are being expended by their government.

The Sierra Leonean delegation is also here to share its own experience with officials of the Ministry of Finance on the operation of that nation’s economy and financial institutions and the running of its budgetary process.

In an interview, the head of delegation, AmaduSidi Bah disclosed that his delegation is on a case study in the country to see the installation of the billboard on the Open Budget Initiative that is at the front of Liberia’s Ministry of Finance. Mr. Bah disclosed that he and his delegation are in Liberia to get firsthand information and experience relative to the openness of the Liberian budget and also share their own experience of their nation’s economy with Liberian Government official.

Mr. Bah said as neighbors, it will be rewarding that the two nations learn from each other and disseminate information relative to the operation of their financial institutions.

Mr. Bah also pointed out that Sierra Leoneans are willing to learn the process of the Open Budget Initiative and information sharing between his country and Liberia for the growth and development of the two nation’s economy. Commenting on his nation’s economy, Mr. Bah disclosed that the economy of Sierra Leone is rapidly growing with the building of industries in the country.

Among other things, he pointed out that when the citizens understand the budget process they will have no doubt on the workings of government but understand the budgeting process and inform others about the benefits that go along with it.



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