Man, 26, Found Dead In Maryland…Residents Suspect Foul Play

By Lewis Verdier
A 26-year old man was recently found dead in the Hoffman Riverlast Sunday in Maryland County.

The deceased, identified as Prince Reaves of Nikangbo left home on Friday and was only discovered dead two days later.

According to our correspondent, his body was discovered with his neck broken, head burst, body mutilated with freshblood oozing from the body.
Up to press time, circumstances surrounding his death have not been established. The police in the area and a-15man coroners’ jury are investigating the cause of death.

Meanwhile, some residents are suspecting foul play and are urging investigators to thoroughly probe the matter.

Nikangbo is a densely populated community that is bounded north by Hoffman River and is wet throughout the year and most of its inhabitants live on fishing.

The county has witnessed many cases of ritualistic killings, commonly referred to as “BOYO.” This reported act in the late 70’s led to the hanging of some of its prominent citizens during the regime of the late President William R. Tolbert.