Joining The LWSC’s Appeal

In a recent communication to the House of Representatives, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberian Water and Sewer Corporation, Dr. Kimmie Weeks called on members of that august body to prioritize the provision of pipe borne water for Liberia in the upcoming 2014 National budget.

Dr. Weeks made the letters to the House and Senate where he outlined the dire need for the Government of Liberia to take the bold initiatives to ensure that all Liberians have access to water, which he described as a very basic human right.

In one of the letters, Dr. Weeks earmarked three major projects that LWSC was prioritizing. The projects included a request for allocation to purchase new pipes in order to change 40-year old rusty pipes in downtown Monrovia, US$200,000 for pipes to deliver water to all of the estates off Somalia drive, and $700,000 to provide water for the first to the Duazon community on the RIA highway.

Weeks also outlined that the primary problem with LWSC not being able to deliver water to more parts of the capital was due to the fact that after years of non-use, most of the pipes had gotten rusty or stolen. He wrote: “Unfortunately years of war, destruction of the Corporation’s facilities, dilapidated infrastructure, and poor funding amongst other issues had severely limited the Corporation’s ability to deliver on its statutory mandate.”

The communication from the LWSC Board Chair comes at a time of great challenges facing the institution in executing its statutory mandate which principally among other things is the provision of safe drinking water to the citizenry, many of whom presently rely on safe drinking water some from contaminated water which poses serious health hazard.

Considering the importance of water we humbly join the call by the Board of Directors to the National Legislature to seriously consider this crucial issue in the fiscal budget which the legislature is expected to deliberate on shortly.

We believe that prioritizing water supply in the fiscal budget will significantly and substantially help the LWSC to rehabilitate damaged pipes and the provision of safe drinking water to the people bearing in mind that water is life and that the provision of water is very essential to the survival of human beings.